Agony Of HIV Patient

AN elderly couple was recently found to have quarantined their HIV-positive son from the rest of the family by confining him in a chicken coop behind their house at Kempas Baru, Johor Baru, for two years. The couple was humiliated by neighbors’ gossip about their son and they were also determined to safeguard other family members. They went to the point of shutting themselves in their house without proper ventilation by closing all the doors and windows while they slept.

The couple believed that they could be infected by HIV/AIDS if bitten by mosquitoes that had come into contact with their son. Johor AIDS Action and Research Society president Low Heck Heng said this was an extreme example of how HIV/AIDS sufferers were treated due to their family’s mistaken notions. The sufferers were sidelined and received no moral or emotional support from their families. He said the HIV-positive man, who was in his 30s, was the couple’s only son out of five children. He is believed to have contracted the disease from a prostitute.

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The man became disabled due to the illness and he was forced to comply with the family’s decision to keep him outside the house. In fact, when providing him meals, his family would throw his food onto a plate as if they were feeding dogs or cats,” said Low.

When our volunteers first met him, he had been suffering like that for a year. He had been taking medication and underwent treatment at a government hospital. But, unfortunately, he never received moral and emotional support from his family. As a result, he felt hopeless with no desire to continue living.

Source – Johor Buzz

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  • Malaysians must start using condoms!!!!
    Even my husband (Malay) had an affair and didn’t use condoms – woman was a prostitute – put us all at risk! IGNORANCE! I forced him to get a test before I would return to him – luckily he’s clear!!!
    USE CONDOMS!!!!!
    Kesian laki itu, ignorance makes you STUPID – get WISE NOW!!!!

  • You rock. Welt braucht mehr Seelen wie Sie.

  • Hello, everybody. I am a new hand to be here. So nice to meet you all

  • Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services (KLASS)
    Mandarin-based HIV/AIDS Information Helpline
    time: Every Wednesday – Saturday
    630pm – 930pm
    helpline no: 03-40453686

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  • I don't even know what to say. I'm…shocked. Disturbed. I feel so awful for that man. No matter what disease/disability someone has, no one deserves to be treated like that. It is very disappointing (and disheartening) to know that people are still this misinformed. A tragedy. Thank you for posting it.

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    Ismail N: Wah lambat tidur?..sama-sama la kita tidur lewat malam ni dah pagi pun!
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    Ismail N: Cubaaaannn….? :)

  • That’s a heartbreaking story borne out of ignorance with regard to AIDS and HIV-positive persons. We have taken great strides in technology advancement,but the efforts – governmental and private initiatives – at empowering people through education and information dissemination still lag behind. Stories like this can really leave you dumbfounded.

    Ismail N: Thank you for your comment, Jan. Glad to have you around.

  • It’s so sad to hear about this stories, a lot of people still have very little knowledge about HIV….the government or NGO indeed should educated the people how to help those which their family members have suffered from this disease.

    Ismail N: I agree with you Daniel. Nvertheless, I must say that it is quite strange to find that there are people that have little knowledge about HIV nowadays.

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